Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Bday Walt! One Man's Dream Exhibit Review...

My favorite picture of my idol

There are not many people who have lived to have the same legacy as Walt. The only other person I could say that would've been at the same level is maybe Steve Jobs but I'm sure there are a few others. I actually had a dream recently where I got to meet & shake hands with him. He would be the one person I would've LOVED to meet. What do you think WDW would've become if he didn't die so young? It is such a shame he smoked. :( If you haven't seen the 2 hour ABC Special on his life I highly recommend it. I hope to visit the Walt Disney museum in San Francisco one day. It looks amazing!  - Museum Link

My first time to "One Man's Dream" was in November of 2011 but I didn't get to have much time there. This past trip in October 2012 I spent over an hour & half in the exhibit. It was so cool to see some Disney historical artifacts. I know some folks think it is a waste of time but for the true Walt Disney fan this is a must do!

You must watch the video presentation  at the end of the exhibit! It is narrated by Walt himself. Who better to tell the story of Walt than himself? The end of the video made me tear up. It is so sad to lose such a brilliant man so young. We'll always wonder what the Disney company would've been if he lived longer...

Happy Birthday Walt!


My friend Monika being silly :) 

His desk & Luggage

His old office set up
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  1. His old office that WDW has yet to return to Disneyland :P



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