Saturday, October 10, 2015

Disney's Little Red Wagon Corndog Review...

Disney's Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Review

You can find the Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Stand inside DisneyLand, California. It is at the end of Main Street on the right hand side. It is right before you get to the Plaza Inn Restaurant. 

The whole time we were here there was always a line for these. This was our first stop on our DisneyLand Adventure. We waited about 10 minutes in line. It does move by quickly. They have someone at a register outside of the wagon. Then after you get your receipt the inside cast members will hand off your purchase. To the right of the wagon there is a condiment stand with napkins,mustard,etc....

Yes, it is $8.75 for a corndog w/ apple slices or chips. We opted for apple slices. I have had corn dogs from all over this great U.S.A. & can safely say this is the best corn dog I've ever had! They have a few tables next to the condiment station or you can eat at a table at the Plaza Inn outside. We were sitting on the steps but were told we could eat at the tables by Plaza Inn since it is all for quick service patrons. These are a MASSIVE size! Two smaller people would definiately be able to share this. I didn't finish all of mine because it was so large so my husband gladly took on the last few bites. 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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