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Sleeping Beauty New Release Review by Marc D...

Sleeping Beauty Review

“I know you; I walked with you once upon a dream”. Fans of Walt Disney’s timeless classic don’t have to dream any more as Sleeping Beauty comes to Blu-ray. The film (as some enthusiasts know) was released on Blu-ray for the first time back in 2008, however, the Diamond Edition offers a stunning visual quality that even exceeds the previous release. As I sat and watched it, I couldn’t believe how sharp and beautiful the picture was. Aurora’s dress seemed to shimmer even more than what was seen in its initial VHS release (1995).  The sound is equally amazing. In the scene where the herald announces King Hurbert and Prince Phillip, this voice echoes as does Maleficent’s voice when she is making her speech. In addition to this, the notes of the songs (in particular “Hail to the Princess Aurora” and “Sleeping Beauty”) are crisp and will leave hearts soaring.

As far as special features are concerned, I was a little disappointed. The offering include a look back Marc Davis’ ingenious work on Sleeping Beauty as well as a colorful and creative story behind Disney’s new Festival of Fantasy parade. While these features are sure to delight most Disney enthusiasts (as they did for me), my disappointment steams from the lack of a music video or games. Both the 2003 and 2008 feature creative games and music videos for the film (Once Upon a Dream performed by No Secret and Emily Osment respectively) while the Diamond Edition has nothing to offer in these two fields. In conclusion, Sleeping Beauty shines like never before and its timeless story is one that will continue to entertain and enchant children of all ages.

-Marc Disney 

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