Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Contemporary Grounds Review & Pics....

Contemporary Grounds is located to the right as soon as you walk into the main entrance of the Contemporary Resort at WDW. It is a small counter service I never noticed before! We wanted to grab a quick breakfast & drinks before heading to MK on the monorail. My husband & I shared a blueberry muffin. He had a coffee while I just had a bottle of diet coke.They serve Joffrey's coffee here & my husband really enjoyed it. He doesn't really care much for Starbuck's like most people & I don't drink coffee. :) There was NOBODY there so we didn't have to wait in line at all which was nice. We were here around 8:45ish one morning in December 2013.

They have a decent variety of morning pastries to choose from. I wanted something Semi-healthy ;). The muffin was SO moist & delicious! I wasn't sure what to expect. There wasn't much of a seating area. Since no one was there we just sat at two oversized chairs with a side table next to the quick service area. I highly recommend this place for a quick breakfast place!

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Pic courtesy of                                 Seating area we used.

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