Thursday, September 26, 2013

The American Idol Experience...

This experience is located at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I admit I haven't watched AI since Simon Cowell left the show. They have a few shows a day & a finals round at night. If they win they get a free golden ticket to skip the line to any AI Audition to have a shot. I know that quite a few people who got the golden ticket at WDW made it to the top 10 I believe.

You sit in an auditorium & the stage is quite impressive at least to me. They do back stories like on the real AI & it is cute. They have three fake judges that act like Simon,Paula,&Randy. Each chair in audience has a voting pad. It is quite easy to use. We went twice in same day to see who got through. My pick didn't make it though. :(

If you like music & a fun show this is a great way to get inside for some cool air conditioning. Just make note of the times  schedule in the park map when you get there because they don't have shows constant all day. They also have an area earlier in morning where you can audition to be one of the three singers in the AI Experience.

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