Monday, August 12, 2013

Disney Abbreviations...

My husband gave me the idea for this post. If you aren't on all the time you might not know all the lingo for Disney terms as well as Cast Members terms. I'm sure I will miss a lot of Disney abbreviations because there are THOUSANDS! I will try my best to list the most popular ones. Just this morning my hubby called on his way to work & said he saw a mickey bumper sticker that said AP & he asked me what it meant &  Of course I knew. ;) Please feel free to ask me any questions on any of the acronyms below!

AP= Annual Pass or Artist point
ADR= Advanced Dining Reservation
AK or DAK= Animal Kingdom
AKL=Animal Kingdom Lodge
AoA=Art of Animation resort
ASM=All Star Music or Movies
B&C- Beaches & Cream
BB-Blizzard Beach
BC-Beach Club
BOG-Be Our Guest
BTMR-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BW-BoardWalk Hotel
CBR-Carribean Beach Resort
CG-California Grill
CM-Cast Member
CoP- Carousel of Progress
CS or CSR- Coronado Springs Resort
CS- Counter Service also known as QS-Quick Service
CP- Crystal Palace
DCA- California Adventure
DCL-Disney Cruise Line
DD or DTD- Downtown Disney
DDP-Disney Dining Plan
DHS-Disney's Hollywood Studios
DL- DisneyLand
DLP- DisneyLand Paris
DQ- DisneyQuest
DVC-Disney's Vacation Club
EE-Expedition Everest
EMH-Extra Magic Hours
FLE- Fantasyland Expansion
FOTLK- Festival of the Lion King
FP- FastPass
FTW- Fort Wilderness
FW-Future World
GF or Grand Flo- Grand Floridian
GMR- Great Movie Ride
GS- Guest Services
HDDR- Hoop De Doo Review
HM-Haunted Mansion
IASW- It's A Small World
KTTW- Keys To the World Card (Your WDW Resort ID)
LTT- Liberty Tree Tavern
ME- Magical Express ( bus transportation from airport to WDW)
MK- Magic Kingdom
MNSSHP- Mickey's Not So Scary Hween Party
MSEP- Main St Electrical Parade
MVMCP-Mickey's Very Merry xmas Party
MYW-Magic Your Way ticket package
OKW- Old Key West Resort
PH-Park Hopper
Protein Spill- vomit,blood etc ( CM Phrase)
PI- Pleasure Island but alas most of it is gone :(----
POTC-Pirates of the Caribbean
Poly-Polynesian Resort
POP-Pop Century Resort
PPP-Pirate & Princess Party
PORS-Port Orleans Hotel
RnRc- Rock'n'Roller coaster
SM-Splash Mt.
SOG-Shades of green government resort
SWW-Star Wars Weekend
TDS-The Disney Store
TiW-Tables in Wonderland
TL-Typhoon Lagoon
ToT-Tower of Terror
TS-Table Service
TT- Test Track
TTA- Tomorrowland Transit Authority
UOE-Universe of Energy
VW-Vista Way ( Disney intern housing complex)
V&A-Victoria & Albert's
WL-Wilderness Lodge Resort
WDW-Walt Disney World Resort
WS-world Showcase
WWOS-World Wide of Sports
Y&B or YC - Yacht & Beach Club
YSH- Yachtsmen Steakhouse


AFAIK - As far as I know
AYR - As you recall
BTW - By The Way
FWIW - For what it's worth
GMTA - Great minds think alike
IIRC - If I recall correctly
IME - In my experience
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IYKWIM - If you know what I mean
J/K - Just kidding
JMHO - Just my humble opinion
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
OT - Off topic
OTOH - On the Other Hand
ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO - rolling on floor laughing my *butt* off
TIA - Thanks in advance
TMI - Too much information
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
TTYL - Talk To You Later
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (means that no two people experience the same thing in exactly the same way, just a caution placed on some descriptions of places, events, food, merchandise, consumer habits, practices, etc.)

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